Rolls-Royce Awarded Key Contract for 160 MWh Battery Storage Projects in Latvia

Rolls-Royce wins contract for 160 MWh battery storage in Latvia, aiding grid synchronization with Europe by autumn 2025.

Alicia C. Nelson


Alicia C. Nelson


Mar 22, 2024

Rolls-Royce Awarded Key Contract for 160 MWh Battery Storage Projects in Latvia

Rolls-Royce Awarded Key Contract for 160 MWh Battery Storage Projects in Latvia

In a notable advancement for Latvia's energy infrastructure, Rolls-Royce has secured a significant contract to deliver two grid-scale battery energy storage systems with the goal of strengthening the country's connection with Europe's power grid. As reported by PV Magazine, These systems are set to be operational by autumn 2025 andmark a pivotal step in Latvia's efforts to synchronize with the continental European power grid. The deal represents not only a technical feat but also underscores the growing prominence of renewable energy solutions in modernizing national grid systems.

The commissioned battery storage facilities, comprising an aggregate capacity of 160 MWh, will be strategically situated in Tume and Rezekne, providing fast frequency regulation reserves essential for grid stability and synchronization. The use of nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) battery chemistry is anticipated to offer cost-efficient power reserves compared to traditional power plants, an advantage highlighted by the engineering giant as it embarks on this ambitious project for the Latvian transmission system operator, Augstsprieguma tikls (AST).

Comprehensive Energy Solutions for Grid Optimization

Rolls-Royce's mtu EnergyPack QG batteries, earmarked for these projects, will each deliver distinct capacities – a 40 MWh installation in the western region and a sizeable 120 MWh setup in the eastern part. This deployment mirrors the company's ongoing commitment to enhancing energy storage solutions, following their previous accomplishment in delivering the largest battery storage system in the Netherlands in November 2022. The implementation of such advanced energy storage forms an integral part of the broader European strategy to foster energy independence and resilience.

Long-Term Commitment and Service Agreements

The robustness of these large-scale battery systems is matched by a comprehensive five-year service agreement between Rolls-Royce and AST. This partnership reflects the requisite long-term vision necessary to ensure the dependable operation of critical energy infrastructure. Rolls-Royce's CEO, Jörg Stratmann, has expressed pride in the company's contribution to this vital initiative, emphasizing the project's scale as a historic milestone in their expanding portfolio of battery storage endeavors.

As global focus intensifies on securing and stabilizing energy networks, Rolls-Royce's latest move in Latvia stands as a testament to the growing importance of sustainable development and innovative technology in our collective energy future. This strategic investment by AST alongside Rolls-Royce paves the way for more responsive and efficient energy systems which are vital in the ongoing shift towards a greener and more interconnected electricity landscape.

Source: PV Magazine

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